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Monday, August 30, 2021

Cuba Landing to Wolf Island, anchor

Someone is gonna realize that hurricane storm names need to sound more threatening: Doomwinds, Widowmaker, Stormageddon! Ida sounds like your least favorite great aunt.

Anyway, despite being a fair distance away Ida is impacting us. Not directly. But we're trying to get to Pickwick Lake (hoped to do that today) when, in an effort to lower the lake for a lot of water to come, they are pushing a bunch of water down. And right at us. We were lucky when we get 7 knots. 

Needless to say, we didn't make the lake. There's an anchorage by a state marina we're shooting for. We plan to get an early start at it tomorrow, with some luck at the lock, be anchored by noon. Tomorrow night we should see a fair bit of rain and winds around 25 mpg. Being tucked in a cove would help considerably.

Threatening skies all day long.
We said we wouldn't to it again, and yet, today was a loooooooooong day.

Took this picture at the marina. The
large round thing is our radar, when the 
mount is down to dock in covered slips.

We are not en route. This is while anchored. 
We're behind a little island
and the river is rushing, so lots 
of swirls and eddys that keep us swishin'!

Russ grabbed this image from our GoPro. Because
it records slowly (making fast movies) AND the copter 
was moving SO FAST it didn't show up in the vid.
We think they were practicing search and rescue.
He came by incredibly low... startled the heck out of us!

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