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Friday, August 6, 2021

Hickman Creek to Clarksville, marina

"Take the last train to Clarksville and I'll meet you at the station..."

I've had the song in my head for days now. And now, so will you. You're welcome!

It's one of the biggest towns we've been in a while. Moreover, the marina is really nice. 

Had lunch/dinner at Liberty Park Grill,
which overlooks the marina.
Uneventful day, which is what we like. Brought up the anchor around 8 am and started up river. We passed 2 tows, which are only worth mentioning because the waterway is much smaller. In fact, the second one hailed us and asked if we could slow down so we'd pass on the straight, letting him get a sharp turn done first. Russ piloted at the time, coming to a complete stop. When we saw him we understood. He seriously needed to the entire river to make the turn. These things don't bend so much as slide to move their loads. He hailed us later and thanked us.

We got a covered spot at this marina. This trip we've had a number of them. Handy during a rain, like when we were at Aqua for a week and it poured almost the entire time. In the negative column are the spiders, which these tend to have in abundance.

Getting to and docked at Clarksville.

Tomorrow we do a lock (woo hoo!), then go into Nashville. We have reservations for 2 nights but we won't be doing much tourist-ing. They're having a Gran Prix race there this weekend, the kind where they block off city streets to drive on. As a result, the convenient "down town" marina was booked. Rumor has it that even the Coast Guard couldn't get a spot. So we're staying at a marina a bit farther away.

We plan on visiting longer on the way back. And during the week.

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