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Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Fogland to Pirates Cove (argh!), anchor

After a couple of days of chillin' we took a very long northward voyage to Pirate's Cove. Okay, it was only about 4 miles and lasted 40 minutes or so. Slowly we're making our way up to the end of the bay, then we'll turn the corner and head down the other side.

Warm and humid yesterday. We had a great thunderstorm last night so that knocked a bit of the stickiness out of the air.

While not far there was a small trick to getting into Pirate's Cove. There's a very skinny bridge you have to get through. Once on the other side there are some low spots. To make sure our 2 big boats don't swing into trouble, we did that bow-to-stern rafting maneuver. It's a handy one to have in your repertoire. 

What did we do for the 2 days in Fogland? Fixed one of our commodes, mostly. The one in the master stateroom stopped working. Russ totally dismantled it to discover the pump/macerator was jammed. With cleaner! Note to other boaters: DO NOT USE OXY CLEAN TO HELP YOUR TANKS. Trust us on this.

Quiet sunset in Fogland.

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