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Sunday, August 14, 2022

Quahog to Freeport, marina (!)

Wow! On an actual dock and everything.

We said goodbye to Brian and Stewie (a little Quahog joke) and headed just around the corner to the next bay over. We originally intended to get to Portland today, but the lure of L.L. Bean was just too great. Back on Mount Desert Island all the free shuttles were sponsored by L.L. Bean, so I'm happy to sponsor them right back.

Sunset in Quahog
The trip over went uneventfully. We're really enjoying dipping in between the little islands and rock outcroppings. Once we get to Portland that ends, for the most part. It's back out into the Atlantic! No where to hide, so we'll pick and choose our travel accordingly.

I heard some noise
coming from the roof.
Looking up from the bench
at the radar mount.
That's an osprey.
Russ called the marina to get a ball but they were all taken. Dock space, however, was available, thus our location. Given we were taking a bike ride I prefer that -- easier to get the bikes to land than loading them on a dinghy. We pumped out, then slid down the dock and out of the way. We did a quick load of sheets, took some naps, then headed downtown to the "Open 24 Hours A Day" L.L. Bean store, about 3 miles away.

Freeport -- aka "L.L. Beanville" -- is the home of the store. They have a complex of stores located in the town that include clothing, accessories, and equipment (bikes, backpacks, fishing). Amid the small downtown you'll also find Orvis, The North Face, Eastern Mountain Sports, Patagonia, and if that doesn't get you what you want, there's an outlet mall too. A little shopping Mecca in Maine.

inQuest on a dock!

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