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Thursday, August 11, 2022

Seal Cove to LinkedIn Bay, ball

Actually, the name is Linekin, but I see and hear "LinkedIn" every time I read a chart.

Seal Cove did, indeed, have seals. They were particularly present during low tide. That's when they'd get on the rocks and hang out. But that was too far for me to get good pictures of them. So you'll just have to take my word for it.

We couldn't make up our minds about where we wanted to head this morning; Boothbay or Bath. We stopped in Boothbay on the way up; great lobster place and an even better ice cream place. But the trip to Bath looks interesting; lots of winding amidst islands. We chose Bath and started off.

Rocky shores the seals seem to love.
Altho, that's a blue heron.
Timing was a trick, here. All that twisty waters between islands can get skinny, and with a stiff current, might get tough to navigate. It's call Hell's Gate for a reason. We waited until the "tides were right" and headed off.

No matter which destination we picked this morning we needed to head up the same bay, at least until we made the turn westward onto the Sheepscot River. As we made the turn up the bay Russ noticed that Highwind was still here. After a quick volley of texts they're staying for another night.

Very calm morning. Almost mirror-like.
Our other buddy boat, Bella Gatto, stayed in Linekin Bay on their way up, specifically at the Linekin Bay Resort. There are mooring balls, a free breakfast, and a launch (which we haven't had in a while). We decided to check that out and go to Bath tomorrow.

That's the plan today.

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