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Tuesday, August 30, 2022

How did I forget Salem?

inQuest, moored in Beverly.
Salem is the other bank.
Looking back at the blog I realized I hadn't mentioned how we spent our time in Salem. 

Salem was a nifty town, and one I'd happily go back to. Yes, there's lots of "witch" stuff. In fact you'll see witches as part of all sort of business logos, from exercise classes, to motorcycle shop, to pet stores. We did a bit of that, seeing the memorial for the victims and walked around the old part of town.

But we went to the Peabody Essex Museum. Largely because it was raining and that was an indoor thing to do.

One of the exhibits (which can be seen from the outside) was the Chinese House. Only so many people can go in at a time since it's pretty small, but it was impressive. Called the Yin Yu Tang, this 200 year old house was brought over from China, piece by piece. 

Open, airy interior of Yin Yu Tang.

The home is 2 stories, with lots of bedrooms, 
storage, and kitchen. Several families would live here.
All sons and their wives. Koi ponds are in the center.

There was a lot of carved wood
detail everywhere you looked.

Outside the museum some of the trees were painted blue.
This was another exhibit, a commentary on how deforestation
is impacting global warming. 

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