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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Thomaston --> Port Clyde --> Seal Cove, anchor

I didn't bother to write a post for yesterday's travels. The map was the exact reverse of what we did the day before. Moreover, travel went without a hitch. We rafted to Highwind when we got back to Port Clyde, but within the hour, with boats buzzing by at high speed, I wasn't comfortable being attached -- I envisioned our hulls mashing together from the wakes. So we anchored on our own and got together with Hannah and David later in the evening for some snacks.

Highwind in Port Clyde
Today we parted ways. They are headed to Boothbay today trying to get to Portland in a couple of days. From there they'll fly out to Portland, Oregon, for a wedding. We'll catch up with them in a couple of weeks, we believe.

Meanwhile we headed to Seal Cove. After a couple of windy days the Atlantic was still a bit swelly. You'll notice our direction southwest zigged a bit, as we tried to keep the southeast swells off our beam. We also danced a bit with some islands as well. That made for some lovely pictures, and a fun movie.

It starts out a little bumpy, which is why we headed to this
notch between the islands. Turned into a nifty side trip.

This house and garden were in Thomaston.
Maine does flowers in the summer!
We've seen seals all over but I've yet to get a good picture of one. So far, Seal Cove is disappointing me. I mean, I wasn't expecting them to be playing on the rock, bouncing balls to each other. Although, that would have been kinda cool...

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