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Friday, August 19, 2022

Portland to York, ball

After a couple of days in Portland we're underway again. I do like Portland. Cute little town, reasonable mass transit, nice selection of restaurants, and good shopping. We took a very long walk (since we weren't sure about rain and rather walk than bike in the rain) over the bridge to the downtown area. We went to a bagel place, a sporting goods store (I needed a new bike helmet), and Trader Joe's. And we didn't get caught in the rain once!

Lovely lighthouses along the coast.
Careful scrutiny of the weather encouraged us to head out today. Rather than go back to Portsmouth we went to York. The Atlantic was quite nice, less than 2 feet with an 8 second period. About half way through the trip the winds came up quite a bit above the forecast, with steady blows around 18 to 23 knots. The direction, however, was spot on coming from the west. That made them come from the "land side" which was perfect for our trip. We did tack a bit to take what chop we got on the quarter beam.

This is one of the packages we were waiting
for in Portland. New wheels for our balcony
windows (right). Old ones on the left.
We're still in Maine, but this will probably be the last day.

No more lobster for me!

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