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Thursday, August 4, 2022

Bucksport --> Buck's Harbor --> Belfast, ball

(Lots of "b"s)

This was the big mail run day! In all our comings and goings around the Penobscot Bay we've had stuff delivered here and there that didn't quite make it in time. So we knew we'd have a "run around the bay" day to collect stuff. Today was that day.

First, back to Buck's Harbor, where our dinghy registration was waiting. The run down the river was pretty quick since we caught the outgoing tide. 

We called Back's Harbor ahead and told them we were coming. They were ready for us, having the letter in hand as we sidled up to the dock. We didn't even tie up; I just got Russ close enough to grab it and we were outta there.

You'll see a boat ahead of us. We hailed the dock for 
permission to get the mail, they -- without talking to 
anyone -- snagged our spot. Thankfully, 2 other boats were
headed out. So you see our "touch and go"
Two touches... we gave them a tip.

Next, back to Belfast. I was looking forward to this since we didn't get to the Thai place, which was closing on Saturday and closed on Sunday. Moreover, it was me who had packages waiting.

By the time we started across the bay to Belfast the winds had come up from the south. We tacked a bit to make the ride smoother (note the crooked path once we got around the island). Nothing drastic, but the winds make is a big, big sailboat day.

Sailboats! About 50 of them, all poised to cross our path.

Not enough to dodge prop traps, we're dodging sailboats, too.

We got in, got a ball, dinghy-ed to the dock, ate some lunch (Thai place was a little disappointing... I was bummed) and got my stuff. Well, round 1. I had a delivery coming later that day.

Sunset in Bucksport.
Totally foggy the next morning,
which is why we didn't head out until 9 am.
Back on the boat we crashed for a few minutes with a power nap. When we got up, the dinghy was gone.

Wait... what now?

Oh yeah. Gone. Not attached to inQuest any more. 

The wind was pushing stuff in only one direction so I got out binoculars and started looking while Russ called the marina to see if anyone had found it. They had, in fact. We just had to go get it. "Do you have room at the fuel dock?" "Yes, we do."

So, we unhooked from the ball and hustled to the dock. Russ unboarded and brought the tender back, tied it up securely, then we went back to the ball. The whole rescue was about 30 minutes. We feel extremely fortunate.

All we can figure is we recently got a new painter line on it (many thanks to the crew of Highwind for that!) and, being new, it's just a bit slick. With all the bouncing from the wind (we had 2 foot chop in the mooring field), it must have loosened and untied itself.

We're told it happens. But that's a new one for us. Thank goodness getting it back was trivial.

Oh. And my 2nd package didn't arrive. Such is boat life...

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