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Friday, October 1, 2021

Harrison Island to Lenoir City (again), marina

Back at the Fort Loudoun Marina. Again.

The Harrison Island anchorage felt remote, but you were bounded by 2 minor highways. So that killed some of it's charm.

We wanted to anchor out again tonight, but we needed to pump out and tank up on water. We headed to the closest marina with such amenities, the Sequoia Marina. However, the pump-out didn't work. We got water then started the search for the next marina with one. Which was here. (Side note: it might be the best pump-out we've every used, for future reference).

The dinghy dock was a little rustic.
I had to thread the painter line through an eye bolt.
Despite making our way back to the bottom of the pool the trip wasn't that long. We got in around 2. So we took advantage of the courtesy van, did some shopping, and got laundry done. At least we made the best of it.

We'll head back up the Little Tennessee tomorrow. We have plans to meet Apres Sail somewhere up there.

Another nifty sunrise.


  1. Glad you are enjoying our spectacular lake....I enjoyed my conversation with Russ today, I met him while trying to get your pump out done. Be safe....

    44' Trojan FBMY

  2. Thank you! We're headed back your way to see the museum today. Wonderful to meet you.