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Thursday, October 7, 2021

Lenoir City to Watts Bar Resort, wall

Technically, Watts Bar Resort is abandoned but the dock remains.

Longer day today, longer than we've had in a while. After all the 1 and 2 hour trips up and down Tellico Lake, the run down Watts Bar was tiring. But uneventful. 

Started our trip downward. Literally, down. Our elevations was 813 feet when we started the day, so now it's all getting back to sea level. 

We're on the left. We look petite
next to L'estique.
The dock we're on is more a remnant of the resort and slowly eroding. We wouldn't have picked it if a real blow were coming but, due to patchy rain, being on a dock makes walking the dog easy. Or so we thought. Once docked we realized there were a huge committee of turkey vultures in a nearby tree. In the water was a carcass of (what we think may have been) a deer. Russ scattered them off, then shoved the carcass deeper in the water with a board, attempting to make them stay away. Just not something you want hanging around while a small, geriatric pug does her business.

These guys were on the lock wall.
Not sure that's a good omen.
2 nights until we're at Chattanooga again, and we'll stay there a couple of days. Already loopers are descending on us. The only dock available for us to use was the commercial dock.

Total Lock Count: 61

The dinner out (left to right):
Kathleen, Michael, me, (my) Russ,
Carol, and (not my) Russ.

The month of September broken down into 3 trips:
1) Up the Tennessee River to Knoxville
2) Down from Knoxville to Tellico Lake
3) Tellico Lake back to the Tennessee

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