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Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Cow Pasture to Tellico Marina (marina) to Lenoir City, marina

I believe the trip from Cow Pasture Cove to the Tellico Marina was too short for our Nebo to track. It was only about 6 miles. But that is what we did yesterday. We met 2 other loopers there, the crews Spirit and Apres Sail. Michael had the idea that we spend a nice meal together, which is something none of us have done for a really long time.

While out at anchor in Cow Pasture I made the shocking discovery that we were running out of dog food. I counted out how many meals she had left (4, to be exact) which meant we needed food ASAP. Thus our final (seriously, final!) trip the the Fort Loudoun Marina, where we basically see our dockage fees as rental payment for the courtesy van. And, as usual, I'm taking the opportunity to get laundry done.

The cow pastures of Cow Pasture Cove
Both trips being short were drama free. Just how we like it. Tomorrow we'll say goodbye to Tellico Lake and start working our way back to FLA. Albeit, slowly. Hurricanes can still pop up and we do not want to deal with them.

We even dressed up a little.

Spirit, Apres Sail, and inQuest

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