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Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Chattanooga to Shellmound, park dock

We didn't get a bright and early start to the day. Because of the holiday (Indigenous People's Day -- there! I recognize that one!) the mail we expected to show up last Friday wasn't going to get here until today. But, no guarantees. So when it failed to turn up by 10:30 am, we decided to just have it "returned to sender" and we'll try to get it another time.

Fellow boater took this as they left Chattanooga.
Thank you, Kathleen!
With the current, which was racing, we bounced between 9.5 and 10.5 knots. You can see that from the Christmas-y color on our Nebo chart. We passed a couple of looper boats on the way. When we were nearly at Shellmound we were hailed by Spirit, who we met on Tellico Lake. They were waiting for the lock, to the dock would be ours.

Excellent little park, and while small equally excellent docks. We're go through the Nickajack lock first thing tomorrow.

Back in Shellmound, under a 
dramatic sky.

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