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Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Shellmound to Guntersville, marina

We're in a yacht club, to be specific. One of the handy things about being in a yacht club (Longboat Key Club Moorings) is reciprocity. Typically, things like dockage and fuel are cheaper. So, woo hoo!

Up before dawn we noticed the fog -- patchy, but occasionally dense. We waited until there was some light only to discover that sometime after we last walked the dog (around 8 pm) another boat had joined us on the dock. Willing was the vessel name. It was a delivery and headed up river to Chattanooga. 

That's Willing, who docked in the night.
Our first task was to get through the Nickajack lock. We called, then as we approached we hailed. We only had to wait a few minutes for the doors, then we were on our way.

The last time we passed through here we docked on the free town dock, took a dinghy to a restaurant, then decided to move to an anchorage. The town dock was near a busy road. The experience was more like sitting in a rest area. Handy, but not a place you want to spend the night at (and, believe me, I have, so I know -- RV history).

Gray and dramatic. But lovely for boathing.
We wanted to stop here and catch up with Beth and Rip Tyler, who kindly let loopers like ourselves use their private dock off the Pamlico River in North Carolina. They sold that home and now do a combination of RVing and boating. And they're in Guntersville. However, we didn't want to do the town dock again. Russ found us this yacht club and made arrangements. We're thrilled. Here for $20 (!) and we fueled up and pumped out. All good.

Taken by the crew of Scout as we passed.
Thank you, Lisa and Ray!
Also, we're back in Central Time. So we gained an hour.

Total lock count: 63

Through the foggy morning, into a lovely day.

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