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Monday, October 4, 2021

Sequoya Museum to Cow Pasture Cove, bwo Ballplay Creek

subtitled: We can't live without internet.

It rained heavily on and off all through the night but stopped by the time we needed to walk the dog. 

We have plans to meet Apres Sail on Tuesday evening for dinner at a fancier restaurant called The Blue Heron. Once the weather broke Russ started looking for a different place to spend the night before heading up the lake to Tellico Marina, home of the Heron. An anchorage that got a lot of great reviews was Ballplay Creek. It was just 6 miles from the museum and had a nice boat ramp/dock. So, off we went.

On the plus side it was the prettiest ride so far. The river narrows, becomes very windy, and we were bounded by lots of hills and trees. The views were amazing.

We got to the anchorage then decided to head across the way to be closer to the dingy dock. We dropped the anchor, got it set ... and then realized we had absolutely no internet at all. We can receive 3 different network providers (AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile) and none of our devices worked.

It's a shame this didn't come out better.
The sunlight through the clouds made the
glow very odd.
Surely we can do this for one night! I could write, Russ could read... We made a 2nd breakfast (peanut butter oatmeal with bananas!), took a nap, then set out to entertain ourselves. While writing I needed to lookup a spelling for something but DOH! No internet. Russ wanted to know about the weather but DOH! On and on it went until we realized we were wimps that heavily rely on information being at our fingertips.

So, around 3, we weighed anchor and headed back up the lake. It was about a 90 minute ride to Cow Pasture. The day had warmed and was mostly sunny.

Not a usual day but, all and all, a lovely one.

Between the clouds and the mountains, 
the trip was stunning.
Clouds and views.

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