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Friday, October 8, 2021

Watts Bar Resort to BTW Park, anchor

We stayed in the Booker T. Washington Park with Jess for 3 nights. It's a perfect anchorage so we were happy to come back. Besides, it's a short run to Chattanooga tomorrow, and we'll be there for several days.

About a 5 1/2 hour trip today. Once we shoved off the dock we hailed the lock, who had the doors opening when we arrived. In the video you'll see once we got on the wall it's a while before the water drops. Russ and the lockmaster had a conversation. Once he zooms off in his "lock mobile" we got lowered.

The boat density has increased hugely. Suddenly there are boats everywhere. It's looper season and they are flocking. In fact, when we made the reservation in Chattanooga we were put on the commercial dock, because the others are full of boats. We were 1 of 2 boats there when we came up.

Not loopers, but we're not the only ones
at the park this time.
I predict a lot of anchoring out from here back to Longboat Key.

Largely about how the day turns quite lovely.

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