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Saturday, October 30, 2021

Largely some snippets

 Snippets and movies only:

Last lock of the rivers, Coffeeville.

Before we could pass the sailboat we had to make our way around 2 tows. The first wanted to be passed on the 2 (we move left), the second the 1 (we move right). Then we got to pass the sailboat.

Russ titled this "Why I Love AIS". If we didn't have it, neither the tow nor us would have known where each other were. And since we turned into him and into the sun at the same time, that could have been a serious issue.

We pass a tow called Black Belt (which is an odd name for a tow), then turn onto the Tensaw river. Three boats were already anchored there. We chose to anchor in front of them all, making a little shorter run to the dock to walk a dog.

This we follow a tanker out the shipping channel for a while. Then we make that 90 turn to the left, between the spoil areas. You can tell when, since the beam seas rock us a little, causing the vid to be more jiggy.

Once we turn south again, the waters calm. Lovely day, overall.

Arriving in Mobile. We stop at the convention center to walk a dog, grab some lunch, and let the waters settle before making the bay crossing. It all went perfectly.

And after the long day we dock at The Wharf, which is a mall/condos/marina in Orange Beach. Our slip is tricky to get into, since the fairway is pretty small. We've done it before, though.

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