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Friday, October 22, 2021

Heflin to Demopolis, marina

We think we've been on the move daily since Chattanooga. Even though this isn't our favorite marina, they do have a courtesy car and a reasonable town. So we're staying for 2 nights.

Btw, to future loopers, I don't recall the limitation when we did the loop in 2019 but there are so many boats that there is a 2 night maximum stay for transients. So plan ahead!

It rained hard last night. And, for some reason, they drained pool by about a foot. The result was that getting the dog to shore was a soggy and muddy endeavor. While there is a boat ramp, there is no dock, so we shove the tender into the sand and wade our way, dog in our arms, to land. It's not a far walk, just dirty.

Anchor came up clean and off we went about 7:15 am. A little fog, but nothing serious. No locks to day, so we just cruised down the Tombigbee for 4 hours until we came to the marina. We got enough fuel to get the $20 pumpout fee waived. I also got laundry done.

Tomorrow Russ will change the oil (which is overdue).

No rest for the weary.

Also, no movies. Russ has been doing some legal stuff to prepare for selling the NOLA condo. Again. Another hitch was he got an email saying that our boat insurance expires in 60 days. o.O 

So, yeah, he's been busy with more important things than the blog.

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