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Monday, October 11, 2021

BTW park to Chattanooga

Been here a couple of days. Only just now realized I hadn't posted to the blog. DOH!

Last time we were in Chattanooga we were one of two boats on the Bluffs Dock. That dock was full of boats this time. Between the Columbus Day holiday and loopers, way more boats than we'd seen in months. But we did get a spot on the Commercial Dock, so all good.

On the Commercial Dock, used by tour boats, mostly.
We had to go through another lock, Chickamauga. We hailed him just as we left the park, and he had to doors open for us when we arrived. However, we were a little delayed since we waited for a boat to join us. 

Weather has been wonderful lately. Warm in the afternoons, cool at night. We've done a bunch of walking and enjoying of Chattanooga. Not the least of which was seeing the Chattanooga Choo Choo.

Opened in 1880 the Chattanooga Choo Choo ran from Cincinnati to Chattanooga, making it easy to get between the north and south. The station here was enormous. And beautiful. It's now a hotel.

Total lock count: 62

You've heard the song (albeit not lately...)

The train and the station is now a hotel

The cars are businesses and hotel rooms.

I'm glad they found a use for the glorious building.

Even the bathrooms were amazing.
Checkout the chandeliers!

The song was released in 1941, so you've had
plenty of time to learn the lyrics.
But, they're written on the sidewalks,
in case you've forgotten them.

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