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Thursday, September 30, 2021

Fort Loudoun to Harrison Island, anchor

This is the very last anchorage on the Little Tennessee. There's a dam about a mile up river but it has no locks. There's no where to go other than back.

We enjoyed the Fort's anchorage and will probably return in a couple of days. We still need to explore the fort itself. There's also a museum somewhere 'round here.

Dawn #1
Just a quick hour long trip to get here. The leaves are starting to change, and we're enjoying some nifty mountain vistas.

We are very near a motorcycling destination call The Tail of the Dragon. As a result we hear some bikes as they travel up and down the road. Apparently it's a windy, twisty piece of pavement that calls the Harley owners and lures them to their deaths. Well, not all of them, but statistically in 2018 there were 83 crashes, 62 of them involving motorcycles, and 3 of the cyclists died. So, be careful out there! 

Dawn #2. We had massive fogs in the morning
of late so I was thrilled to get some good AM pics.
The plan is to stay here a couple of nights, then find a nearby marina to take on water and pump out. And continue our lazy anchoring week.

The Joe Wheeler event, known as Looper Palooza, happens Oct 18 - 21. Normally, we'd plan around it, to be ahead or behind the pack. This time we really don't care. Been so long since we had to share a lock with anyone, we think it would be a refreshing change.

The Fort has lots of picnic areas.
You can see inQuest through the trees.
Sleeping pugs on the tender ride to the final dam.

inQuest at anchor. The Smokies are in the distance on the left.

This is largely about the mountains in the distance.
Around the 3 minute mark you'll see an old railroad bridge
that's been decommissioned. We go right through.
It was a little exciting.

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