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Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Shellmound to Chattanooga, marina

We didn't try to get a crazy early start today. The next section of the Tennessee was called "The Gorge" and said to be very beautiful. So we wanted to see it, which would have been tough in the fog that started the day. Russ went for a run and we waited a couple of hours, having coffees and breakfast, before we headed out.

Gray misty, foggy morning
There were a couple of small tows we encountered. The only water "hazard" was The Suck. The Tennessee narrows considerably and deepens. We lost nearly a knot in the area and tracked over 125 feet of depth (by the time I got my camera out to shoot our reader is went up to 108). Historically, before this was Nickajack Lake, it was a serious problem. It caused a whirl that spun your boat, then sucked you into the rocks. This characteristic of the river was remarked on by Johnny Cash. For your listening enjoyment: 

Otherwise the focus of the day was on the Gorge. The hills soared into mountains with chiseled rock faces towering high above us. Lots of pics and movies to share.

Lots of vistas

While over "The Suck". It was 125, but I couldn't
take the picture fast enough.

At Chattanooga. This bluff used to hold the foundry.

inQuest on the Tennessee at "Nooga!"

Mostly, ya'll get to see the infamous Jesse!

Passing a tow. Once done, the view gets amazing.

Docking in Chattanooga. So smooth.

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