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Sunday, September 19, 2021

Grasshopper to Terrace View, marina

I got to say, one of the weirdest things about the rivers is getting packages. On the loop (or anywhere on the east coast) this isn't even a thought. If you need something you'd just look ahead a couple of days and pick a marina, then have Amazon ship there. True, Covid has impacted Amazon's ability to do reliable 2 or 3 day deliveries, but on the rivers there are many, many marinas that just won't let you ship stuff to them. This marina, Terrace View, wasn't on our "boy, we want to go there" list, but they did accept packages.

Additionally, after nearly 10 days of anchorages or walls, we seriously needed to pump out. 

The dinghy dock at Grasshopper.
Russ is in the tender, waiting for me.
We raised the anchor around 8:30 am. Grasshopper was another great anchorage; quiet neighbors, lots of water, easy in and out. Rainy day, all day, so it was nice being inside. 

Watts Bar Lock is the only lock we did, which raised us another 59 feet. We happened to set up for a port side tie (so all the fenders were on the left side of the boat) which turned out to be a great call. There were 3 floating bollards on the port side, and only 1 on the starboard side, and it was right up front, which can be a little turbulent when the chamber fills. I noted it on our Quimby's guide for when we come back down.

Dreary day on the water.
We hailed the lock early, but at about a mile out the lockmaster realized he was prepping the chamber the wrong way. (I heard Russ tell him we were headed UP at least 3 times). So we had a small delay while he flipped it for us.

Watt Bar Lake is the most beautiful we've seen thus far. Lots of little islands and bays. We are jamming our way up to Knoxville, but we'll putter down and take advantage of this pretty anchorages. And watch the fall colors descend on the hills.

At least that the plan today.

Total lock count: 59

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