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Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Chattanooga to Booker T Washington Park, anchor

Jesse will be leaving us Saturday, flying out of Chattanooga. As a result, we don't want to travel too far so we can keep the Uber ride back simple.

But we did got through another lock. This one was a might confusing. It's very small, only 360 feet long and 60 feet wide, so most tows need to break down to get through. Which is why they are building a BIG chamber. All the construction, however, made navigating into and through the lock a bit of a challenge. 

Chattanooga is the starting point for the Trail
of Tears. This fountain marks the very start.
The running waters are the tears. It's also a water
fountain for kids and families. And Jesse, in this case.
Once on the other side we chose to anchor near the Booker T. Washington Park. It's sheltered and has a very handy dinghy dock. We think we'll stay here a couple of nights. It is quite peaceful. Besides, remnants of Nicola are headed this way.

While a short day we changed our recording rate from 1 frame 
every 5 seconds to 1 frame every second. 
As a result, this is the whole day, in 4 minutes.

The above video is interesting around 1:45 where we approach the lock. We were instructed to wait by the railroad bridge and he'd blow the horn when we could come in. Due to the construction it wasn't at all clear where the lock even was let alone how to get into it. I kept asking myself, "How do tows do this?"

Total lock count: 58

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