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Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Power Line Cove to Fort Loudoun, anchor

We weren't overwhelmed with Power Line Cove. Our plan had been do stay there a couple of days. It was quite secluded and quiet, so that was awesome. But there wasn't a really dinghy dock as so much a wall made from rocks and kept in place with heavy-duty fencing. It made getting geriatric pugs off the boat a little challenging.

So we moved on. Russ wanted to get a bit of view of the Smokies. This new anchorage does that. It's biggest issue is it's exposed, but we aren't expecting any really weather problems. It should be dandy for a few days.

There is a tourist attraction nearby, Fort Loudoun, but the Apres Sail folks want to see it and we're not in any hurry. We'll wait for them, then take a tour.

We tendered to a restaurant. 
Here's the view from their deck.

Common sight here on the Tennessee.
Farm silos, now just boat hazards.

First glimpse at the Smokies.

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