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Sunday, September 12, 2021

Town Creek to Shellmound Campground, town dock

At the last minute we changed our plans to meet some looper friends in Chattanooga. As a result, we decided to put in a longer day today, and finish the trip there tomorrow.

The anchor came up easy and we headed out early, right after coffees. While the lock was only 54 miles away (and we planned on anchoring right next to it or just above it) there was a decent current against us that grow in strength the closer we got to the lock. Additionally, we lost an hour once we crossed into the Eastern time zone. So the 6 hour day turned into an 8 hour one.

The distant sun
Only one lock. Nickajack. I love saying that! The lockmaster was very happy to get the lock ready. I got the feeling it was a slow day, and he was thrilled to lock someone through. Jesse did the line handling under Russ's supervision there. Next lock I'm gonna let "the boys" handle it and go take a nap.

Bringing up the anchor, sun and fog.
I love the reflection in this shot.
Luckily the lock went smoothly and we docked on a free dock in the campground. We barely fit on the thing, which is about 40 feet long. We got 4 lines on just 2 cleats. Good there's not weather expected.

PS, we're also officially in Tennessee.

Total lock count: 57

inQuest on the Shellmound dock.
We barely fit.

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