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Friday, September 24, 2021

Knoxville to Knoxville, marina

The city limits are fairly large. We traveled about 2 hours and are still in Knoxville. But we fueled up and are docked in the Fort Loudoun Yacht Club.

Downtown Knoxville was quite nice. Largely supportive of the school, Tennessee University, as we explored the area we found all sort of orange clothing, backpacks, masks, hats, all bearing the "T" or "Vols" insignia. And we got around quite a bit, both by feet and by the free mass transit trolleys that run about the place. Cute downtown, lots of restaurants, and handy shopping.

Foggy start to the day. You can see some
dew-ladened spider webs, which made them 
look so pretty.
Today we waited for the morning fog to lift. Temps dipped into the low 40s for the first time this season. Won't be the last. Made for a nippy ride. Once the sun came out the pilot house warmed up nicely.

We didn't need fuel necessarily, but the prices at this yacht club were really good, and we got a discount being members of another yacht club. Reciprocity! We love that. From here for a long while it's all downhill, so we should get far on these full tanks.

Dawn in Knoxville

Parts of the river walk are quite lovely.

I don't often take pics of some homes but
this one struck us as really odd. Can you see
the castle like structure, which is separate
from the home? We're thinking fancy kids house?

First we get fuel, then dock.
Note the HUGE boat to the right as we get fuel.
The thing was nearly 100 feet.

We stopped to do a MOB...
Turns out it was a dummy. Painted on its
chest were the words "Do No Move!"
(Clearly someone elses MOB task)

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