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Monday, September 20, 2021

Terrace View to Lenoir City, marina

We also need water. But the only water at Terrace View was on their fuel dock and, well, it was icky. So we only stayed the one night and headed out to Fort Loudoun Marina, just above the lock.

After a wet dog walk and some lattes we headed out. It rained throughout the day sometimes drizzly, other times steady. Despite the weather the views continue to get better, from massive expanses in the lakes to narrow channels weaving between brush-covered rock walls.

We ate at Calhoun's here at the marina.
These ducks were begging for food.
Look close and you'll see fish doing the same.

As we traveled Russ called the marina. Many times. Future boaters note: There's this weird behavior with river marinas that they do not answer their phones. And if you can get a hold of them they'll give you instructions like, "Go to the fuel dock to get instructions." We have heard that a number of times.

This marina was no different. Russ called, left messages. Apparently they did call him back but we were in the lock at the time.

This is the last lock up for the season. It's also the last new lock. From now on we know all the lock from here to Longboat Key.

We hailed the lock on 13. We hailed the lock on 16. Finally we called the lock on our cell and got a response. As we were locking through someone else hailed on 16 -- he answered them right away! Such is our boating experience. The lock was another small chamber but a 72 foot lift! It was impressive.

This is from yesterdays lock, Watt's Bar. 48 feet high. 
You can see the water bubbling as the lock fills. 
Even if FF time, it took a while.

Docking was a bit of an adventure. We had to get instructions from the guy at the fuel dock (rolling my eyes). T5 was our slip number (T for "transient"). The way the marina is laid out it took a bit of wiggling, twisting, and maneuvering down a long fairway to get to the slips. They were, however, unmarked. One on the far side read A3, which make me think we were in the wrong spot. We started to back out when a local chatted with Russ, explaining, no, that was correct. We got docked with about 3 feet under the keel.

From Fort Loudoun Lock (which is a little bumpy) to
our slip in the marina.

We'll be here a couple of nights. Lots of laundry to do after our guest left.

...and I will get ready for a special announcement.

Total lock count: 60

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