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Saturday, September 11, 2021

Honeycomb to Gunterville to Town Creek, anchor

Two stops today. We liked the anchorage we were at but we were compelled to check out the free dock in Guntersville. 

The trip took around 45 minutes. We docked without issue, piled into the tender, then we all headed to a famous oyster house, Wintzell's. Jesse got the red fish while Russ and I shared a variety of oysters (raw, char-grilled, and Rockefeller) and fish tacos. All quite wonderful.

Misty mornin' sun
But the town dock wasn't all that exciting. It's right next to a busy road so it felt (and sounded) more like a truck stop. So, after some naps, we headed up river about another 45 minutes and got on the hook.

Much quieter, and a nicer view. Given there was no water or power at the dock, this was a way better choice.

inQuest at Guntersville.
Jesse is on the bow, Russ on the pier.

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