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Friday, September 10, 2021

Huntsville to Honeycomb Camp Grounds, anchor

After 3 days of chores and adding a crew member we headed out this morning, heading east (although it looks south-ish on the map). Jesse will be with us for 9 days, so we'll meander our way to and through Chattanooga. 

The first task of the day was returning the rental. Jesse and Russ did that, taking the scooter with them. Then they rode back. It was nippy this morning, so both were chilled when they got back to the boat.

The scenery is getting amazing. Large cliffs line the Tennessee. Add pleasant weather on top of it and the trip was lovely.

Only one lock today. Then we immediately turned off sussed out a couple of anchorage locations. And picked one.

Recently Jesse has become and angler. He brought is poles. It will be interesting if we get any fresh fish in our diets this week.

Jesse and Russ bringing back Lizzie from her walk.

I posted that white geese do not have the prettiest honk.
I rest my case.

Total lock count: 56

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