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Saturday, September 18, 2021

Booker Washington Park to Grasshopper Recreational, anchor

Our guest left us in the late morning, late enough that we didn't want to put in a long day. We started engines around 11:30 and traveled to another anchorage, about 2 hours away.

We stayed in Booker Washington Park for 3 days, and cannot recommend the place enough. Very protected, convenient dinghy dock, nice (and clean) public bathrooms, and friendly people. Right there on the dinghy dock is a bait shop, which made it handy for Jesse to do some fishing.

After threats for rain for days, it finally happened. We traveled and set the anchor in rain. 

We don't mind. We like the sound of it on our roof.

inQuest on the little bay at BTW Park.

Pretty sunrise.

Roiling skies. Got no rain, though.

We spied deer on the bank one morning.

I call this one "Lone Heron."
Blue Herons are quite solitary. They do not 
flock or gaggle or group. Even if there is another
nearby, they are not "together". But...
they are everywhere. From Canada to Florida,
from the Altantic to the Mississippi,
just look around, and you'll see a Blue Heron.
PS. Not the prettiest sounding bird by any means.

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