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Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Decatur to Huntsville, marina

No drama or excitement today. Up early and on our way. The only hitch was a railroad bridge whose clearance is too low for us to get under. It spanned the Tennessee just outside the Decatur Landing. Russ hailed them even before we got onto the river. Of course there was a train. Thankfully, not long, so we didn't have to wait.

Almost right away the scenery changed. At this point on the Tennessee both banks have parks. So we were bounded by lush green trees and striking cliffs. The temps remain cooler in the morning, making the ride just perfect.

Leaving Decatur we turn right. You can seen the bridge and the train.
You can also see a tow boat zip in front of us.
Once up we head through. Then things get very pretty. 
Still waters, dramatic sky.

We got docked right around noon. We took some naps then got the scooters out and headed into town for some lunch. While the road from here to there is a busy highway, there's a handy greenbelt and meanders in the same direction, going in and out of forests and cute neighborhoods. That ride was one of the best ones we've had in a long while.

White geese! Sound very different from Canadian
geese. And by that I mean "terrible!"
Then we ate Mexican at El Herradura. Oh yeah, they had Camarrones al Mojo De Ajo. Decent, too. Not the best, but we recommend it.

Tomorrow Russ will pick up a rental car. We'll clean the boat, do laundry, get some shopping done. Thursday, Jesse joins us, and after Russ returns the rental, we hope to be Chattanooga bound.

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