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Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Lenoir City to Knoxville, town wall

Just one day off the autumnal equinox we've reached our last major destination, Knoxville. We plan on being here a couple of nights, then toodle our way back out of the Fort Loudoun Lake and onto Tellico Lake. We hope to take our time, letting the shortening days turn the leaves for us. We'll enjoy the cooler weather, too.

When we woke this morning it was 69 degrees and overcast. Once underway the front came rushing by, kicking up winds around 30 mph, and dropping temps into the mid-50s. It rained constantly, and the temps remained cool after the front had gone.

The Riverwalk, near our boat.
Btw, these swings were huge on all the rivers.
Saw them everywhere we went.
Lots of massive houses and estates lined this section of the river. While green it was more disappointing, view-wise.

Got docked, took a nap, walked a dog, then went to a Mediterranean place for falafels, called Yassin's. Knoxville is a college town, so we expected the place to be excellent. And it was.

After leaving the marina the weather turns dark. 
You can see the cold front come in and the winds come up.
The temps dropped nearly 15 degrees.

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