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Monday, October 31, 2022

Fernandina Beach to Jacksonville, wall

Looking at the travel time the trip wasn't really that long. Before we got underway we needed to pump-out and fuel-up. At least an hour of that was waiting/fueling time.

Today was what yesterday was supposed to be -- sunny, warm, and calm. Just lovely.

The last time we were in Jacksonville we spent 2 months in Ortega Landing in 2020. That was at the apex of COVID, and being a "transient" was getting very difficult to do. Fewer marinas would accept us. But most everything was closed during that time. We didn't really feel we enjoyed what the area had to offer. This time we're right downtown, hanging on the new town docks. We'll be here for a couple of nights.

Blue skies, warm, calm... glorious!
We're with the crew of Gypsies Palace, Debbie and Steve Russell. Once we both got docked (since they didn't have to fuel up they beat us here) we headed into town and grabbed some pizza.

Gypsies Palace on the dock

New city docks, right down town.

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