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Friday, October 21, 2022

St. James to Enterprise Oxbow, anchor

There were 2 good things that can be said about today's travel. The first is we're out of North Carolina and into South Carolina. Boaters just seem to be more polite here. I made the comment once on Facebook about how North Carolina boaters often wake and never hail. A North Carolina boater responded, "You are a guest in my state. You're comfort is not my concern." So, um... yeah. I think he proved my point.

Back in the south. Spanish moss on cypress
trees, with knees poking out of the water.
The other fun thing happened right at the end of the day. We'd just gotten through the Socastee Swing Bridge when we were hailed by a boat in the distance off our bow. He wanted us to wake him. "Say, what now?" "We're on a sea trial and I want to see how we'll handle." Russ at the helm put the spurs to 'er and they did the same, coming right at us. I felt like we were in some kind of water jousting competition. inQuest has a very odd wake, really square. And we made a big one. They took some air, but came out just fine. "Did we satisfy?" I asked. "You just sold the boat!"

Sometimes when you anchor you drop the hook, back down, and done.
If you watch at just about Russ's head level you'll notice bubbles
keep coming up. Every time we backed down, bubbles.
After 4 tries we moved to a different location in the anchorage. 
Took on the first try.

Otherwise the day was really long, slow, and uneventful. Some skinny sections required some concentration here and there. It's largely a man-made canal so not a lot of anchoring options. The trip was only supposed to be a 6 hours but between really, really slow zones and bad timing with the tides we voyaged nearly 8 hours.

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