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Monday, October 24, 2022

Charleston to Toogoodoo Creek (?!), anchor

Yes, that is the name of the place.

The mail arrived at the St. Johns Marina around noon-ish. Once Russ picked it up we had some lunch then looked at weather and charts and whatnot. It was a shame since the weather was so awesome today it would have made a good day to go outside. We decided to take a short dash to a recommended anchorage, Toogoodoo Creek. Maybe try tomorrow. Worst case scenario, we ICW all the way back to FLA.

Passed this today. It didn't look derilict to us at
all, so we thing it was poor judgement anchoring.
Once the tide comes up, they'll be on their way.
The ballots have shown up in Southport. We're having them sent to Brunswick, Georgia. It should be there in 2 days. It will take us about 5, we think. 

But at least we'll get the deed done before the big day. 

Here's something interesting about voting. Recall I mentioned I'd love to do this by phone. Russ called the Sarasota office to get another set of ballots sent to us, since these seemed MIA. The woman we talked to told us we could go online and fill them out there... then realized that we weren't military, and that's only a service they provide for overseas troops. So... the tech is there!

Nope. Not a clue. This is 1 vessel, clearly it saw
better days. No idea what it is or what it does.
Or did.

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