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Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Toogoodoo to Hilton Head, anchor

If we thought the day would be this long we would have started out earlier. The dense fog this morning that was the real reason we waited. The lovely day was why we kept going.

The forecasts said the fog would dissipate around 10 am, so we got underway around 9:30. Turns out it lasted well past 11. We didn't have any issues -- we really don't mind traveling in fog. Largely it made us miss an awesome outgoing tide -- we could have run 10 knots or faster but, well, safety first.

Once the fog lifted it was gorgeous.
We targeted an anchorage near Beaufort that we'd used before, thinking we'd get there around 2 pm. As we got closer we noticed the wind would pick up tomorrow. Port Royal is a larger body of water, and today was lovely... so we pressed on.

Just passed Hilton Head we dropped the anchor on the May River that heads to Brighton Beach.

Long vid. It gives you an idea of foggy boat life, tho.

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