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Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Mobjack Bay to Chesapeake, marina

South of Norfolk, south of the Dismal Swamp entrance is the town of Chesapeake and the Top Rack Marina, therein. Loopers know Top Rack due to their cheap fuel prices. They did not disappoint us! Last time we fueled up was in Bohemia Bay, and we only took on enough to get us here. Our starboard ending said we had 10% of our tank left to burn. The port, 5%.

As predicted the wind and water were wonderful for the 6-ish hour voyage. That didn't mean it was trivial. Coming through Norfolk is always exciting. Navy boats, coast guard vessels, tour boats, and huge container ships all must be avoided. Meanwhile, big boats blasting their way south for the winter wake you. Lots to look out for.

Said farewell to As You Wish this morning.
The good weather ends tomorrow, and looks terrible for Thursday. But we'll be on the Dismal swamp, sheltered for the most part. We've heard it's clogged with duckweed, so we're looking forward to that. It's either that or try to get across the the Albemarle Sound tomorrow, which seems tough given the weather.

So. Duckweed be damned! Elizabeth City, here we come.

Baked some bread on the way.
Thank you again, Hannah, amazing recipe!

Yep. Waiting for the RR bridge. That thing is NEVER open.
Altho, we didn't wait long... and all those fast boats
 that waked us? All here. Karma, baby!

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