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Thursday, October 20, 2022

Wrightsville Beach --> Southport --> St James, marina

This was a mildly frustrating day. We forwarded our voting ballot from Longboat Key to Robert Creech, the AGLCA Harbor Host for Southport. He hadn't received them yet, but after 3 days on the hook and a glorious day for traveling we decided to meander that way. 

Quick note: Wrightsville Beach is now our favorite anchorage. The have an awesome dinghy dock, and from there we Uber-ed to the Costco for provisions. That could not have been more perfect. Even with the winds the anchorage was protected and solid. We're putting it on our "always go there" list.

Southport wasn't far so we took our time getting underway. We did want a decent travel day since we had to traverse a bit of the Cape Fear River, which can be nasty. Totally a pussy cat for us. Almost a pond.

Sunset in Wrightsville

...and sunrise...

...and sunset. Never gets boring.

We arrived in Southport around 11 am and docked her in front of one of the restaurants, Provisions. The docks were free. But we did feel a bit like we owed them so we ate there. Meh.

From the patio you can see inQuest.
Looks like we're about to crash!
Robert contacted us when his mail came that day. Nope, no ballots. 

Should we stay another day? Should we go and rent a car later to come back? Man, was a time when the post office was a lot more dependable.

By 3 pm we came up with a plan -- we'd leave some money with the Creeches, and once our ballots show up they'd contact us. We'd give them an address to overnight the suckers. With that we headed south to St. James to fuel, pump out, and get more water. And, much to my chagrin, a spot on a t-head for the night.

Oh, yes. I will do whatever I need to to get my vote in.

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