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Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Baltimore update

A loaf of fresh baked sourdough.
When we arrived here we reserved the slip for a month. Our past experience with Anchorage was that's the cheaper way to go: One month is as much as 2 weeks and a day. When we started planning out journey back down south we decided to slow things down a bit and use up more of that reserved time. A couple of reasons for that. One, we're just going to move through pretty quickly. Having been in this section of the coast a number of times now there's not much we want to see. But, two and more importantly, hurricane Ian has made a mess of this whole coastline. Marinas as slowly recovering. Transients showing up for dockage, or fuel, or a pump-out aren't going to be a priority.

And pizza!
With that Russ put in an order for his new contact lenses. Once we get those we'll start looking seriously at the weather.

In the meantime we've still been busy with projects. Since the master bath was a success I went ahead and did the guest bath floor, too.
Before. Never liked that tile.

Stripped, cleaned, and ready...

Looking good!

Now we're ready for guests!

The bump is the new air vent.
Russ installed a new vent for our electric room. The inverters in that small room can put out a lot of heat when they are in use charging the batteries. This should help keep it cool.

Escape room victory! Had 60 minutes, and
left with 17 to spare.
We have had fun, too. We did an escape room with Hannah and David of Highwind. We also all toured a number of historic ships on the inner harbor: The USCGC-37 (AKA the Taney, which is the last surviving ship that was in Pearl Harbor), Torsk (a submarine), and The Constellation (a tall ship). All were in amazing condition. We were all impressed by the Constellation, which looked as ship shape as the day it was launched. Truly spectacular.
An engine room aboard Torsk.
Much bigger than the sub we toured near New Port.

The rooms and rec area for the commanders
on The Constellation. Spacious!

Hammock bunks for the lower deck.
Still used today. During the summer kids can
camp on the boat, and do "pirate-y" things.
Yep. They sleep here.

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