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Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Projects! Projects! Projects!

Doing basic medical stuff, like Covid boosters, dental cleanings, and eye exams.

Getting our flu and Covid shots...

I've done a number of sewing projects, including repairing a screen on inQuest, and making screens for Highwind.

Making screens for Highwind

Screens are looking good!

Receiving many packages.

Russ ordered 2 dyneema 24 inch slings, or loops. 
Look at the size of the boxes they shipped in.
(The string-looking thing is the loop).
1 loop. Per. Box. 🙄

Replaced the flooring in the master bath. Russ ripped out the old stuff using a heat gun. I cleaned, prepped, and laid the new tiles. He came back and caulked.

All cleaned up and ready for the new tiles.
The black stuff on the left is NOT mold.
It's some epoxy they used to level the floor.

Making progress.

Boom! It looks great.

Russ has been the busy beaver these days. He added a bumper to our anchor, which will keep it tight when we're underway. He replaced a wheel on my scooter (it kept going flat). He is in the process of installing a fan in our electrical bay (those inverters can get hot!). Just to name a few things.

As I type, this Hurricane Ian has hit the Florida coast and it making a mess of things. We're wondering if we'll have a slip in Longboat Key to go back to when this is over. People are talking about staying north longer than planned since so much destruction is going to make traveling difficult. 

Yep, no hurry to start our way south.

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