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Thursday, September 15, 2022

Staten Island to Atlantic City, anchor

We almost talked ourselves out of going today after the events of last night. We normally turn in around 9 pm and that's when we were securing inQuest to a mooring ball. Tough to "wind down" after that ride.

We got up around 5:30 and, while the wind remained up (SOOOOOooooo glad we decided to return to Great Kills) it was coming from the west. In theory, as we ran down the Jersey shore, we'd be "in the lee". So we went.

Farewell New York
The winds were on our stern at first as we headed to the Atlantic, which we don't mind. By the time we got to our turn the waves were 3 - 4 feet. But as soon as we got behind New Jersey, everything calmed. I'm thrilled to tell you it stayed that way the entire trip. Our weather equipment read winds anywhere from 10 to 22 knots, but the water stayed wonderful. 

Compare these waters to the "New York" pic.
Before and after the turn south.
That was a welcomed relief. Last time we made this run when we headed to Maine it was a terrible day. This one goes in the books as "a great day."

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