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Wednesday, September 21, 2022

New cooktop!!!

Out with the old.
Anyone know what we can do with this?

Projects and chores! After being out and about for 4 months (since our last stop in Baltimore) it's time to fix some stuff and do some upgrades.

In with the new induction cooktop!
Russ's first task was to clean to the exterior of the boat (we're not very diligent about that), then install the new induction cooktop. 

...and what the transition looked like.

Meanwhile, I'm doing some sewing. The screen we use in the front of the helm broke, so it got some rework done. Then I'm putting together some things for Hannah and David's boat. I enjoy sewing projects, but it's trickier to get set up when you're on the move. Being in a port has many advantages. Pics to post of that once I get going. First, I must wait for Amazon...

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