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Sunday, September 4, 2022

Fishers Island to Greenport, anchor

Write ups for Fishers Island made it sound like it was one of the prettiest anchorages ever. We might be jaded after a couple of months in Maine but we wouldn't list it in the top 10 even. Big houses, mowed lawns, and golf courses don't really do it for us. The wakes weren't much of an issue, but there was quite a bit due to the holiday. All in all we wouldn't recommend it and we were happy to get an early start in the morning.

Starting to be up before the dawn again.
Greenport is just tucked in behind the northern fork of Long Island. It's in another large bay with lots of places to explore, like Sag Harbor. We thought about staying here for a couple of days but a number of issues are conspiring against that, including packages we need to pick up. We're adding it to the list of "things to see" next time we're back this way.

Much like yesterday, lots of boats out and about this morning. And bozos. This one we got recorded. He was stopped and fishing, so we swung really wide, even getting out of the channel to give him space. For whatever reason he decided it was time to leave. He more or less headed right for us. At speed. We came to nearly a stop, then had to deal with his flippin' wake. (Russ cut the clip before my swearing at him could be heard.)

Russ titled this piece "Maybe he sped up when we honked."

Holidays are a bother as a cruiser.

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