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Sunday, September 11, 2022

Port Washington to Staten Island, marina

This is the first time we've been in a marina since Boston.

Planning the trip here was a little tricky. Ideally, you want to be near the Throgs Neck bridge near slack tide. That meant waiting until 11 am or so before leaving. And the longer you wait on a Sunday, the more personal crafts (PCs) are out and about the make your trip hard.

We left about a quarter to 10. It was still crazy.

Just passin' through this time.
It's not enough to keep an eye out for ferries and tour boats that zip by at 23 knots. Turn out, they really aren't a problem. It's the PCs. The wake these guys throw are always huge, and since you're in a fairly narrow channel, they bounce right back off the sides. That made the water extremely choppy and confused, with sliding tables and falling computers. 

Lady Liberty in the distance, in the rain.
Once through all that, however, the water was amazing. We arrived a little early, even. When we did the loop we stopped at Great Kills Yacht Club, so it's been years since we were here. 

We are staging for the run down the coast, so we'll be here a couple of days. Hurricane Earl is still sending sizable surf to the Jersey shore. Besides, I'm looking forward to a trip to the Italian Market.

The trip through Hell Gate in NYC.

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