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Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Solomons to Mobjack Bay, anchor

(a day late, again)

We had the anchor up and were well on our way back to the Chesapeake before the sun came up. All our weather apps predicted today and tomorrow to be stellar travel days. Pancake-flat kind of travel days. And they were correct. The water was amazing, all day long.

While we're trying to get off the Chesapeake Bay by Tuesday (Wednesday things start looking iffy, and Thursday is right out!) we didn't have to put in such a long day. But there was an ulterior motive: we wanted to meet up with our old buddy boat friends, Martha and John Babinski on As You Wish.

Underway by nautical twilight
They recently got another boat after months of searching since 2020. They were on their first big cruise to break her in. They got an Ocean Alexander that's about 51 feet long and 16 on the beam. It's just gorgeous. We're thrilled they are back on the water, and hope to spend some time with them in the future.

Awesome travel water!

The new As You Wish

Once you're a gold looper you no longer swap boat cards
but rather boat stickers. We proudly display As You Wish
next to our own.

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