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Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Hilton Head to Big Tom Creek, anchor

South Carolina is behind us and we are in Georgia. If the weather held up we could be in Florida by the weekend, but alas, that is not to be.

The skies were overcast most of the day. We kept seeing threat of rain but nothing happened. The front that should have brought rain will bring wind over the next few days. Cooler temps, too.

As we neared Savannah we could see container ships in the distance. I can't remember seeing so many on that river before. Three huge vessels, all at the same time. One hailed us, seeing we were going to cross the river (and his path) to continue on the ICW. He told us he'd be at that location in 15 minutes and he ain't waiting for us, so we high-tailed it across the channel to stay out of his way.

Being on anchor benny: lovely sunrise...

... and sunset.

Dolphins apparently are on their southern migration. They are just everywhere! One night while at anchor Russ went to look at the stars. He could hear them breathing around us. They seem interested in our boat but none have some play with us, yet.

In the distance you can see the looming container
ship heading to the Atlantic.

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