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Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Jacksonville to Palatka, wall

We're killing a little time before we head south to St. Augustine. Many boaters we know have traveled (and raved about) the St. Johns River. We are taking a couple days to explore it.

Palatka marks where the river "gets good". So far it's been a wide river, with houses and trees. Tomorrow should be more interesting.

No real issues getting out of J-ville, or traveling, or docking. We're on a restaurant's dock, Corky Bell's. You can stay for free overnight if you eat here. So we did. We also took a quick walk to the produce stand in town to pick up some fruit. Lovely day, very warm. Very much like summer.

Something bobbing in the distance.
We did an MOB exercise. Something big was bouncing in the water and we decided to rescue it. It was a busted old cooler that we'll chuck once we can. Good to do that once in a while.

Just a junk cooler. But we helped clean the river.
Dawn in Jax

Jax in Palatka. You can just see inQuest in the back.

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