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Monday, November 14, 2022

Jacksonville to St. Augustine, ball

After a couple of lazy days we headed out early, largely because we could ride the outgoing tide nearly all the way to our destination.

Originally that was Pine Island Anchorage, which is about 1 hour from St. Augustine. Given our early start we'd arrive before noon, which seemed silly not to just press on. Russ contacted the marina and, yes, we could show up a day early. So we did.

Dophins! We've seen a lot but these are the first that 
have hitched-hiked. St. Johns water is very tea-like.

Haven't used the tender in a while.
Battery went dead. Russ is jumping it.
Tuesday we have a car rental to pick up at noon. From there we head to The Villages to see my folks. If we did that on the same day we arrived at the marina, and get a ball, and get the boat ready for 2 days alone, and pick up the car... seemed like a too much to do in a few hours. Things always go much slower in boat life. Being here a day early will make that easier.

We wanted to go into town. I really like St. Augustine. But the wind is crazy high (over 20 knots) -- it was supposed to be a calm day all day. We'll see how adventurous we feel. 

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