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Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Sooooooo... Nicole, eh?

Red is bad.
Many boaters we know have insurance that prevents them from coming south of Savannah, Georgia until the first of November. This is for hurricane reasons. Here we are. November 8, 2022, and we're watching Nicole.

Here in Jacksonville we'll get winds, some rain, but mostly we'll get storm surge. We've kept a close eye on what is happening, knowing full well that (like Ian) Nicole can change her mind and come this way. We're on a outside t-head, facing the wind. The dock is solid so we'll manage our lines if needed. We'll bounce, but it shouldn't be terrible. You never know.

Meanwhile we're keeping busy with various chores -- laundry, shopping, watching lunar eclipses, and some cleaning. The usual.

We took off the step covers since we needed
them for dogs. Turns out the steps are 2 different
colors. We had no idea!

Before the eclipse...

During. Blood moon.

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