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Saturday, November 5, 2022

Doctors Lake to Ortega River, marina

Quick and easy day. The winds died down a lot over night making the water peaceful. But rain was coming so we didn't want to dilly-dally too much.

Most of the ride was wide open. Just as you turn the corner onto the Ortega a number of boats trying to enjoy their weekend made maneuvering in the shallow water a little challenging. We had to blow our horn a number of time to insist on the right of way.

Look how pretty J-ville looks in the distance.
We're on a t-head so docking wasn't too much of an issue. Negotiating the current was trickier than it should have been. It had been coming behind us up the river, then switched somewhere -- so our starboard tie set up had to be moved to the port side while we turned around. You never know what the water's going to do until you're ready to dock.

Gonna be here a week. Should be a rainy but productive few days.

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